Are you feeling overwhelmed with your daily routine and don’t know how to eliminate the stress?

Then you are not alone. Modern life is stressful without a doubt. We are working long hours whether in a workplace or at home and don’t give importance to the ‘me time’ that all of us need to rejuvenate. 

Many hobbies and practices can help to declutter your mind and destress. Here are some of the good hobbies that will help you feel relaxed and reduce anxiety and stress. 


Baking is not a difficult chore anymore, thanks to all the modern gadgets and tools. Everyone wants to learn to bake. This is a skill that can be acquired easily, and it will also bring in a lot of happiness and satisfaction. Baking bread is one of the basic skills that humans developed. The smell of freshly baked bread and cakes can make one feel happy instantly. You don’t have to start baking elaborate items and buy very expensive gadgets that will only add to the stress. 

Stick to simple recipes and enjoy the result with family and friends. Their appreciation will also make you feel better about the time spent on this hobby. You will also feel satisfied as the ingredients are all chosen by you, and the outcome will be better than the store-bought goodies. 


Scientists have recommended gardening for a long time for its positive effect on mental health. It has so many advantages-

  1. It creates a clean and green zone, even if the space is small, like a terrace or balcony or a bigger garden.
  2. It does need some physical work. It is good for the fingers and hands to use the small tools and do everything your garden needs. 
  3. It is proven to reduce cortisol levels that are the main culprit of stress. 

Farming is another skill that humans acquired, and our brains are still very happy even if only one flower blooms. This soothing hobby can start with just a few pots and tools. But it would be best if you used the right seeds and nutrients. Get the best gardening gloves that you can find and create your green oasis. 


It is a repetitive process. Do not associate it with women or old people. Anyone can knit. The knitting process helps the brain focus on the movement, and amazingly the hormone of happiness- serotonin is secreted. It is a great hobby that you can use when you need to change your thought process. You can knit for yourself initially and use the outcomes as gifts when you become an expert.


We all spend a lot of time on brightly lit screens, and yet even six minutes of reading a day can help you relax. Try to inculcate this habit and read something every day. Whether before going to sleep or in the morning, try to read regularly. You will feel the wonderful world of books transporting you away from the daily stress. It helps to calm the brain and allows it to think in a rational manner.


We spend a lot of time on screen, but today’s video games are in a different league altogether. It has been found that today’s video games help people relax, reduce stress and depression and improve their problem-solving skills. Most of the games need a strategy, planning, puzzle-solving, and so much more. As long as there is healthy competition, then it is a great outlet to play and enjoy. You can even play online with people from different parts of the world, and you never know, you may end up making some new friends. You will have to decide the time limit for yourself, and it should not become addictive.


We have tried to steer away from the mundane work and not recommend the usual hobbies like music and dance. You can easily start any of the hobbies and will be pleased with the outcome soon enough. These are simple enough and not very expensive. Enjoy while you can and try to eliminate the stress from your life.