Do you feel that you are not getting enough time to shut your eyes and it makes you feel tired and drained of energy? You are at the right spot, as many studies have proved that not getting enough sleep can make it more difficult to do simple tasks and lead to frustration. This leads to anger issues and physiological and hormonal changes in the body. 

Even if you lose just a few hours of sleep at night, you may be angrier and less capable of adapting to frustrating situations.

How does long-term sleep deprivation affect the system?

Sleep-deprived people get irritated even with a small disturbance. A small noise can also make them angry; even rage and violence have been reported in people deprived of sleep for a long time. 

  • It decreases positive emotions, happiness, and enthusiasm to do anything.
  • They may spend the day in a tired state and not able to focus on any work.
  • They may become more addicted to caffeine as they start drinking more coffee to stay awake.
  • Negative emotions and anxiety, and depression may take over the mind after a constant state of less sleep.
  • It may also hamper the body’s reaction to medications like insulin and may lead to diabetes. 
  • High stress due to lack of sleep results in the release of cortisol. This, in turn, leads to hypertension and cognitive deterioration. Other hormonal changes may occur due to less melatonin in the body when we sleep in a dark room. 

Regular and adequate sleep will change your life

As mentioned above, lack of sleep over a long period affects the quality of life. Sleep is indispensable for both our physical and mental well-being. The brain can reset and recharge only when our sleep cycle allows the body to rest. 

Fortunately, this damage can be reversed to a large extent. 

  • When you are sleep deprived, then try to avoid confrontation with people at work or home. 
  • Avoid doing the tasks that need more concentration when you are not well-rested. Take a short nap, if possible, to get up refreshed to face the tasks.
  • Try to rest well before an important event is lined up. This will help you to improve your productivity to a large extent.
  • Avoid caffeine as a solution to a sleep-deprived state. It will only make your heart go faster in the long term. It can only be a short-term solution.
  • Try to make changes in the sleeping pattern gradually.
  • Buy the Best mattress that you can. Choose the one that makes you feel comfortable and helps you to drift off to sleep soon.
  • Declutter the sleeping space. Make it a peaceful and calm area where you can relax and calm your mind. Keep your phone and laptop away from that space. 
  • Many forums and groups exist that can help you understand the reason for your sleep deprivation. Take professional help if you need to.  
  • Do not take any sleeping medicine unless a doctor has prescribed these due to some physical reasons.
  • Exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet. If needed, take a nap during the day.


Losing even a couple of hours of sleep can make you angrier; instead of getting frustrated, try to change your sleeping schedule. There is only so much that you can do physically or mentally in a day. Do not punish the mind for feeling tired. 

Sleep well and follow the same schedule for a few days, and then it will be a part of your life. Sleep well and see for yourself how refreshed and happy you feel in your life every day. Anger issues will also be a thing of the past, and your productivity will improve with all this positive energy.