Selena Gomez presented the latest additions to her cosmetics brand Rare Beauty – Discovery Eyeshadow Palette and Always An Optimist Light Mattifying Primer. On Instagram, the actress and singer has already demonstrated an example of makeup with these products.

What is inside

The palette color scheme is called “True to Myself“. It includes creamy shades of peach, plum, burgundy, golden yellow, pink and brown shades. There are seven of them. The primer contains hyaluronic acid and gardenia extract for a moisturizing and soothing effect.

Olivia Palermo launches her beauty line

“My goal was to create a product that I would like myself, so I know that all of you will like it too. I wanted the packaging to imitate my vintage gold bracelet, a precious piece from my collection that I cannot live without, ”said Olivia Palermo. The entrepreneur noted that the cosmetics of her brand do not contain any of the 1,300 substances that are prohibited by the rules of the European Union, they are not tested on animals and are as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Olivia Palermo Beauty lineup will feature four products: a brightening serum for $ 40, a matte mist for $ 35, a matte lipstick in three shades for $ 38, and two eyeshadow palettes for $ 58. “This is your perfect beauty wardrobe,” Palermo said in an open letter. Cosmetics can be purchased on the brand’s website.

We will remind, earlier Selena Gomez released a new eyeshadow palette and primer for Rare Beauty. Both funds have already gone on sale.